Random Thoughts #87

Strap on your water skies and get ready to ride the wake that is my mind. This is random thoughts. Take up slack… hit it!

  1. Monday the Phillies won 12-0 and were only -2 in their run differential. Last night they lost 10-0. Torture.
  2. The Monday Murder Hobos managed to not kill a bunch of giant spiders this week. That was new.
  3. I’ve got two videos over the 1000 view mark on my YouTube channel. This pleases me.
  4. It seems that humanity’s instinct is to allow ourselves to be defined by who our enemies are. This depresses me.
  5. One day of school, and it’s not been shut down because of covid cases. Batting 1.000!
  6. I got my first set of studio lights. They make a huge difference 1.
  7. Sometimes pastoring means going down into dark pit and just sitting there for any folks who happen to need your presence.
  8. Truth be told, I’m a hobbit at heart. I don’t crave adventure, battles, or bloody victories. I crave a cool morning with coffee, a conversation with a few friends, and time to ponder.
  9. I almost forgot it’s “What If?” day!
  10. I cancelled my AppleTV+ subscription. So will someone let me know when Ted Lasso is over so I can get a month and finish the season?

  1. I’m still working on the setup, getting my accent lights correct is tricky. 

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