Random Thoughts #103

This week I’m on “break,” and my brain is being orbited by the Oort Cloud of my attention. Welcome to random thoughts.

  1. I’m off this week, and given the experiences of so many folks in my circles I declare it the “winter break from hell 1.”
  2. I just found out Sesame Place got rid of the cargo nets. The cargo nets were Sesame Place.
  3. Paramount has decided that mid-season breaks are a good idea on a streaming platform. This is a stupid decision.
  4. I encountered someone who was rather proud that seeing something he didn’t like filled him with rage. This depresses me.
  5. In honor of The Book of Boba Fett, I am drinking from my new Boba Fett mug this morning 2.
  6. Doing something at an Apple Store is always low stress, even during a pandemic.
  7. I get to see if the Bearfoot Marauders manage to stay alive tonight. That’ll be fun.
  8. One cool thing about running two campaigns at the same time is being able to reuse maps in each campaign.
  9. I haven’t done much creative this week, this is frustrating.
  10. My Christmas presents were pretty much coffee, role playing games, and books. It’s good to be known.

  1. Go away, Omicron. 

  2. I should have done this yesterday, but I’m a day behind. 



  1. WEZ! I was wondering how your Christmas went. Were you able to have in-person services? I’d love to read one of your December sermons (in case you didn’t preach for Christmas) if you want to send it my way!

    I haven’t been able to do bupkiss creatively since spring when I got my short story published. Yeah, it’s a bummer, BUT I have hopes for 2022. My “free” time in 2021 was put towards helping our church’s school prepare for accreditation, and that meant studying the curricula and grading methods among other things. It was a looooong year doing that, but I’m pretty much done with my role in that process now, so I’m excited to get that time back for revising and rebooting MIDDLER’S PRIDE. 🙂 What are your creative goals for 2022?

    1. wezlo says:

      Hey! Yah, we were in person-back to mask mandated in the building (our church was pretty much all masked anyway, but we have other groups, so…). I posted my Christmas Eve meditation on the blog – all my sermons are on our YouTube, which you can get to via our calendar – https://www.centralbaptistpalmyra.org/calendar-2

      As for creative goals. I’d like to get back to the Penny Gnomes Sequel, and get my Meditative Fiction study up for sale. I’m running an RPG mini-campaign for folks in the cancer community starting in February, and have 400 subscribers in my DM TALES YT channel, so I get a good number of review copies sent my way!

    2. Yay, thanks! I’ll have to hunt down your Christmas Eve post. I’ll be watching for updates on your Penny Gnomes Sequel!!!! Are Bump and your other fam members doing well? I bet Bump’s not so tiny anymore!

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