Random Thoughts #105


It’s January and it’s cold, which is as it should be. But no amount of January chill can halt the erratic firing of the neurons in my brain. This is random thoughts.

  1. Two weeks into 2022 and I can say that this year is looking to be “2020, the revenge.”
  2. My neighbor has coined a term for people who don’t understand the concept of mitigation 1. It is “Mo-mo.”
  3. I had a friend remind me to “breathe” this morning. This is advice I usually give, and it’s really good advice. Breathing is not an autonomic function at the moment.
  4. The Eagles are in the playoffs. Go Birds.
  5. The first sip of coffee, am I right?
  6. I enjoy chicken and dumplings soup.
  7. Have you ever encountered someone, in real life or online, who loves attention so much they are compelled to share combative hot takes? I find these folks difficult to understand.
  8. Pastors will sometimes rattle off numbers about worship attendance, and who gives, and how many folks online vs. in person and ask what it all means. I’m glad they keep track of those things and are deriving some wisdom from them. My brain doesn’t work that way, which is probably while I’ll never help a church to any sort of numerical growth 2.
  9. My Monday night D&D session was so wild I’m going to try to turn the final part of the session into a short story.
  10. The Eternals are out on Disney+ today. So that’s going to happen at some point.

  1. Such as the folks who walk around with their masks below their noses.
  2. I could say some sort of nonsense like, “That’s because I care about the community more than the institution.” It would be the worst sort of lie because it’s got some truth to it. The reality is, while I can often glance at metrics and see trends, trying to collect the data for them forces my brain to shut down.