Random Thoughts #111

I’m on vacation this week, but randomness always happens. These are random thoughts.

A Different Experience

A big difference in the experience between Video Game RPGs and Tabletop RPGs is how NPCs add flavor to the world.

Random Thoughts #110

On Wednesdays my brain takes folks on a stroll down the winding paths on the ever shifting sand dunes from which my mind is comprised. These are random thoughts.

The Wanders Return

This is a narrative interpretation of the first session for my PlayCancerAway mini-campaign.

Random Thoughts #109

On Wednesdays my brain unleashes the full fury of its oddness onto a unprepared world. These are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #108

On Wednesdays I roll up my sleeves, sip my coffee, and forget what I was about to do. These are random thoughts.