Random Thoughts #106


It’s Wednesday, so I open up my brain and pour out a bit of what I deal with every waking moment for all the world to see. These are random thoughts.

  1. We need a prayer of serenity to help parents remain calm in the face of a threenager figuring out they have agency.
  2. I watched a video on the California Zephyr yesterday. I want to do this so bad. To me it would be an almost perfect retreat.
  3. I said to myself, “I’ll review Mutant Year Zero, it’ll won’t take long.” Boy was I wrong.
  4. Oh Eagles, that was embarrassing.
  5. I’ve felt like writing a lot the last few weeks. I hope that’s a good sign.
  6. Omicron is beginning to decline, key word is beginning.
  7. Jasper Fforde is a genius author and everyone should read 1.
  8. Both Major League Baseball and the Players Union seem to enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.
  9. I have four players for my Play Cancer Away mini-campaign. If it brings some joy to folks who are suffering, I will be glad.
  10. Store bought oranges are more consistent than store bought apples 2.
  11. I have never had a budget for any of the technological pursuits in which I’ve engaged. It’s always been, “do more with less.”

  1. His Last Dragonslayer series is amazing.
  2. I would love to get one of those “grow your own” fruit trees for the house. But I’d kill it.