Random Thoughts #108


On Wednesdays I roll up my sleeves, sip my coffee, and forget what I was about to do. These are random thoughts.

  1. Met some new folks yesterday for my play cancer away mini-campaign. That was fun.
  2. The last two days Bump has gotten to play with new friends, and he’s been so excited.
  3. Russians are really good at propaganda.
  4. So The Book of Boba Fett is not bad. It’s really a set up for the shared future of Star Wars. And hopefully we just relegate the sequel trilogy to an alternate universe and be done with it 1.
  5. Palmyra is the longest I have ever lived in any one place. It actually became that almost two years ago, but now I’ve blown by it. I cannot believe I’ve lasted this long.
  6. Current stress level is 4684733
  7. I love English Muffins.
  8. We have 1/3 of the country thinking that what we really need is a “strong leader.” By which they mean a dictator. And the reason why we have 1/3 of the country thinking that is because a bunch of cynical grifters have convinced them that 2/3 of the country wants to destroy them. How do you talk someone down from paranoia when they’re addicted to fear and are convinced that any attempt to talk them off the ledge is part of the lie?
  9. Nobody should email a fake “tip” about a “divisive” topic to helpeducation@governor.virginia.gov, because that would flood the tip line with nonsense and then the Governor’s office wouldn’t have an effective way for people to express their fragility by throwing teachers under a bus. I mean, really, who wants to flood a fascist tip line with fake information?
  10. The Washington Commanders, huh? Meh. And logo is double-meh.

  1. Not because “girls can’t be strong,” or “keep your social justice out of my star wars.” Those people need to be smacked up side the head because I don’t think they actually saw Star Wars. The sequel trilogy is bad because they had no plan, and no one stepped in to say, “Hey, maybe we should have an arc for all these mysteries we set up?”