Random Thoughts #109


On Wednesdays my brain unleashes the full fury of its oddness onto a unprepared world. These are random thoughts.

  1. On Saturday I begin my last trip around the Sun in my 40s. That feels weird.
  2. Bump’s got a cold. He’s got great attitude, but it’s no fun seeing a little one not feeling well.
  3. I had my first session of my Play Cancer Away mini-campaign last night. The group is gonzo and will be a lot of fun.
  4. One day I will be a regular schedule again. One day.
  5. Any other pastors get a couple weeks away from a a break and find it difficult to write something coherent for a sermon?
  6. Here is a blank thought to show that even random thoughts leave blank spaces.
  7. Speaking of blank spaces, did you know the Bohr model for an atom is a convenient fiction? Electrons are wave particles, the “orbits” actually mark where there is no destructive wave interference. Really, you’re pretty much forcefield with mass 1.
  8. I can’t say I haven’t pondered where I’d go if the U.S. actually falls to the Christian Nationalist Fascists. Canada was one option, but the “freedom convoy” is kinda showing me that the billionaire money which is funding Christian Nationalist Fascists is getting everywhere.
  9. Bump is, “Oh, sorry, I left the TV on. I’ll go turn it off” years old.
  10. I have finally seen Encanto. I will talk about Bruno.

  1. And so is everything else.  ↩