Random Thoughts #119


I’m on vacation, so I’m a day late and down a couple of bucks thanks to a cup of coffee and an L&M Donut. These are random thoughts.

  1. It is flip flop season. I love flip flop season. Unlike my friend Randy, though, I can’t pull off flip flops and a dress shirt.
  2. Moon Knight is an intense show, and well worth trying, though the last couple of weeks have made viewing difficult.
  3. I finished my mini-campaign for @PlayCancerAway this week. It’s the only game I’m running during vacation. I think the players had fun, and we’re leaving the door open to do one shots, or guest appearances in the main campaign in the future. Time well spent!
  4. Watched The Batman, and did not care for it. I know a lot of people loved it, so I’ve listened to their reasons why and can acknowledge them. But the film just didn’t resonate with me.
  5. I’m going to record the final segment of my Wanders of Cinnithel mini-campaign summary this afternoon. I may need to hold off on posting it though because there could be spoilers for the main campaign in that world!
  6. I recognize that there can be high quality light roast coffee. I still don’t see the point of it, though.
  7. The Phillies are a continued exercise in frustration.
  8. I made a character sheet for Basic Fantasy RPG, and last night I made it fillable. I used this to give character sheets to the players from my mini-campaign. This was a fun task 1.
  9. Every year I think maybe I’ll save an extra week of vacation for the Summer and just keep plowing through after Holy Week. And every year I’m quite happy I didn’t something that stupid. I am exhausted.
  10. I was done with celebrity Christianity decades ago, and with Evangelicalism back in 2008. I know that abuse can happen in every sphere of existence, but celebrity patriarchal evangelical Christianity actually tries to say that enabling it glorifies God. It’s demonic.

  1. My goal is to get it set up so it’ll auto fill from the sheet in Foundry.  ↩