Random Thoughts #122


I’ve been posting these late the last couple of weeks, so I decided it was time to balance the scales and throw some up early. The seals in my brain tend to leak, leaving my unprocessed brainwaves with multiple paths of egress. These are random thoughts.

  1. I opened up Scapple for the first time on Sunday as I tried to plan out the different triggers for Monday’s D&D session. It looks like a conspiracy board, but it works.
  2. I’m not going to put a footnote in this week’s random thoughts just to drive LaRosa bonkers.
  3. Ray Didinger is retiring. The man is the best football analyst around and Philly was so fortunate to have him covering the team. He goes out at the top of his game and beloved by everyone. Thanks, Ray!
  4. Bump loves numbers. He’s counting to 100 and practicing counting by 2, 5, and 10. I’ll have him rolling dice for a game any time now.
  5. I still miss the sound of Harry Kalas’ voice during the Summer months.
  6. The Monday Murder Hobos almost got away from the town of Psidoth before a battle for the town began. I think I would have been ticked that all my preparation would have gone to waste. But I may also have started cackling with a maniacal laugh as I worked out the consequences of their escape for the Imperial Valley. Things would gotten weird.
  7. I love getting review copies of books. It’s so much fun.
  8. I backed a kick starter for a game that can be summarized as, “Murder, She Wrote meets Lovecraft’s horror.” The expected release date is December, and if it arrives early enough it’ll be the New Year’s Eve game I run for my neighbors.
  9. One day I will have a schedule which has a rhythm again. But that day is not today.
  10. I’ve been at Central Baptist nineteen years. To put this into perspective, my daughter was just shy of her third birthday when we arrived here, this week she graduates from College.


  1. mjg791 says:

    Have your kid start watching number blocks on netflix (i think).

    Because of that show my kid is doing grade 3 math in her head while in kindergarten. It’s made by one of the best math teachers in the world or so my wife says.

    1. Wezlo says:

      Hmmmm, I may do that.

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