Random Thoughts #123

It’s actually Wednesday! Today’s the day I expose people to the wild ride that is my brain. These are random thoughts.

  1. My neighbors and I saw Multiverse of Madness together Sunday night. It was the first time we’d seen a movie in the theatre together in almost 2 ½ years 1.
  2. I’ve got one child who just graduated college, and another I’m struggling to potty train.
  3. People who say, “I don’t pay attention to somone’s politics” are worried the partisan stances they hold will make people dislike them.
  4. Get ready for another season of mediocre .500 baseball.
  5. Lunch with friends is great. Lunch with friends and a pre-schooler is also great, but distracting.
  6. Time for round 27 of “Is it allergies, or is it Covid 2?”
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how, when I put something out positive, people will jump on a thread to air their grievances. And, when their hostility is pointed out they will double down.
  8. I had a wonderful conversation about role playing games on Twitter last night. Such things are possible!
  9. Tucker Carlson’s all in on white replacement theory. So if you had any lingering doubts he’s a white supremest 3, those can be tossed aside now.
  10. Brave New Worlds makes me happy. I’d like them to tone down “tortured Pike” a bit, but it feels like Trek in a way no show has in a long while.

  1. And, yup, the person sitting next to me was on his phone on and off. He actually tried to be discrete, but the “theatre experience” is kinda wearing thin. 

  2. It’s not Covid, I checked. 

  3. I mean, I suppose someone could have been holding on to hope? I don’t know why someone would do that, but I just saw Multiverse of Madness so it’s gotta be possible.