Random Thoughts #132


It’s Wednesday, so I’m releasing the hounds and unleashing my random thoughts into the universe. [Insert maniacal laughter here]

  1. If you enjoy story telling, then I recommend checking out The Dungeon Minister on YouTube. He’s an Anglican priest who recounts the story of the game he plays with his wife and kids.
  2. I’m on week three of my hiatus. It’s been nice.
  3. I have only played one TTRPG session during this break, that’s been…odd. I’ve not had time to prep with all the driving we did the last two weeks and spending time with family, so it wasn’t going to happen. But, there are…ideas.
  4. Yesterday someone brought up the same thing I always say about learning how to use software. Press the buttons and see what happens. I almost cried 1.
  5. I mowed the lawn this morning, that’s enough of the outdoors for me today.
  6. My Castles & Crusades 2 group is making their characters next Tuesday. I’m so excited!
  7. My Alma Mater is OK with Christian Nationalism. I am not OK with this. At all 3.
  8. I don’t think well when I’m hungry.
  9. I made my first dice tray this week 4. It works great. Now I’m pondering what I should paint it. Maybe spray paint it black, and then do a stipple pattern of grey for stone? It wouldn’t match the foam, though. Maybe I’ll just stain it. The point is, I have one.
  10. I have not given up trying to use a role playing game as a way to interact with both ethics and theology. It’s a tricky needle to thread because the easy thing to do would be to make a straight allegory where the game is only there to get to the next point. I hate that 5. I want there to be a fun game which interacts with certain things as an actual part of the game 6.

  1. Also, don’t put your head down and write the words I’m speaking when you aren’t looking at the demonstration. Watch and listen, do it a few times, then write. I have had numerous people who argue that they “can’t learn that way.” As a result they never learn anything.  ↩

  2. I am not thrilled with the name. It’s a nod to the wargaming group Gary Gygax was in when D&D was being created, so it’s an homage to that rather than the actual crusades (which were horrible). On the other hand, the group itself was a nod to the crusades so that sucks. Life is complex. It’s a really nice system, though.  ↩

  3. And disavowing a fascist is not “cancel culture.” It’s making a statment about how some things are plain evil.  ↩

  4. Well, I purchased the wooden box and craft foam from Michaels, my wife cut out the foam when we got home.  ↩

  5. It’s why Christian fiction mostly sucks.  ↩

  6. Learning through play is something Christians dismiss far too much.  ↩