Random Thoughts #133


It’s Wednesday, when I unleash my mental turmoil on to an unsuspecting world. Then I step back and enjoy the chaos I have unleashed. These are random thoughts.

  1. Happy training camp day 1.
  2. This is the part of vacation when I start thinking, “Well, I’ll just do this thing quick.” Yuck.
  3. An unexpected stout delivery is a wonderful treat.
  4. Last night we rolled up a bunch of characters for my upcoming Castles & Crusades game with real dice. We even have a brand new TTRPG player who created a half-orc fighter.
  5. The introductory adventure I’m making for my C&C campaign will probably be the first one I decide to make available for others. It’s got a little bit of everything 2.
  6. One of the recurring themes in both my fiction and my TTRPG settings is the idea of people who have lost a portion of their history. I find this fascinating.
  7. I have not been to the pool this summer, at all.
  8. The C&C party’s illusionist has four hit points, hahahahaha.
  9. I love watching Stranger Things with my neighbors.
  10. I can’t wait until my 5e table is able to get back to playing!
  11. The D&D movie trailer makes the movie look like a lot of fun.

  1. Go Birds! 

  2. I will need to remake the a city map, though, since the assets I used can’t be used in a commercial project.