Random Thoughts #138

It’s the last day of August 1. School’s are opening, schedules are filling, and my brain is misfiring as it tries to speed up. These are random thoughts.

  1. If you ever find yourself doing something to “show them,” ceasing that activity is a good idea.
  2. The first sip of coffee in the morning.
  3. As of this writing I am four subscribers away from 800 on my YouTube channel. I’d love to hit that number today, can you help a guy out?
  4. Most times Bump is great when I take him out. And sometimes he goes full nudge. Yesterday a friend pointed out, “Well look who his father is.” That’s fair.
  5. OK, so… the Phillies are bad again? This team is confusing.
  6. Football is coming, which is fun. I’ll be at a Phillies game opening day, though.
  7. Had an epic fight on at my Monday night D&D table. It ended on a cliff-hanger!
  8. I think there were 30 people out at worship on Sunday. That was nice.
  9. Last week I read a statement of faith which included local congregations following a democratic process. That’s how most congregations run, so ok. But how in the world is that a statement of faith? It confuses me. It’s not required to make every practical matter a first-order expression of belief in order to make it ok to do.
  10. My natural state is to explore the depths of anything in which I am interested, often to the exclusion of other interests. This is why I only tend to do one or two hobbies at any given time, and also why I am sometimes hesitant to jump into a new thing. The fun happens when I start to pull all these interests together into a new mosaic–but the process does look weird.

  1. If you believe in time. I’m still part-way on the all Marcy 2020 calendar.