Random Thoughts #137


A day late and I have no dollars to lose. These are random thoughts.

  1. We’re a single car family, which is fine about 85% of the time. The other 15% means conflicted schedules, and walks in high humidity to pick up the car. I like not spending as much on gas or insurance, though!
  2. I had an in person game on Tuesday! It was great, even with hiccups! And I got to roll real dice 1!
  3. The renovations at Jefferson Hospital in Cherry Hill are so amazing it’s absurd.
  4. Hand grinding medium roast coffee beans is not as easy as hand grinding dark roast coffee beans. But my forearms are getting a work out.
  5. Hoping Palmyra is able to get to get the state funds for full-day preschool. Bump would really benefit from the social aspects and I’d get a work day!
  6. Friends are important.
  7. I have heard that conservative evangelicals are complaining about debt forgiveness, and I feel this is really on brand.
  8. The second episode of She-Hulk was pretty good. It’s following the tropes of her original comic, which I think is a good choice. But don’t go in expecting serious drama.
  9. More and more I encounter people talking about the GOP’s “theocratic agenda.” This is an accurate statement. What depresses me is the backlash for this insidious religion is going to fall on Churches like Central.
  10. Anyone got a spare $75,000, give or take, so Central can get its roof replaced?

  1. I didn’t think that would hit me as much, but it was quite a thrill. And I rolled all of two times!