Random Thoughts #148

It’s turkey day and our feast has ended. So I thought I’d let you see some of the thoughts which spring from my food coma. These are random thoughts.

  1. This week I took the time to set up my web site for DM Tales and made it live. That means I’ll be sunsetting Painfully Hopeful as my regular blog, but I’ll pop in from time to time. It’s bitter sweet, but it’s time, and I’m proud of what I’ve posted here.
  2. Random thoughts will continue.
  3. I’m the person who thinks Turkey is the best part of the Thanksgiving feast.
  4. Coffee infused mead is tasty.
  5. Evangelicals are beginning to renounce Trump. An image of rats and a sinking ship comes to mind 1.
  6. Got kinda depressed this week. It’s hard to scroll through faces of folks who aren’t around any more.
  7. The Phillies run was amazing, too bad it didn’t have a happier ending.
  8. Worship begins at 9:30, it’s the First Sunday in Advent this week 2.
  9. Christmas being on a Sunday is not a dilemma for churches. Stop it.
  10. Two of the three tables got run for my One Shot Day fundraiser. We raised $340 for the church roof!

  1. I’m seriously annoyed with these people who have called my faith into question for years because I’ve not been supporting “God’s anointed” while they continue to shred the remaining reputation of the faith. 
  2. Purple, Purple, Pink, Purple.