Random Thoughts #149

The “holiday season” is upon us, and I’m already over it. So as my social anxiety erupts I will unleash the full fury of my randomness into the void. These are random thoughts.

  1. This weekend I am heading to a gaming convention in Philly. This is the first time I’ve ever going to a convention of any sort, so I’m a tad overwhelmed. I got a media pass, though, so that’s cool.
  2. I spent 45 minutes panicking that I lost the order for Christmas Eve worship that we planned over a month ago. It wasn’t showing up in searches and I was beside myself. Then I remembered I started putting stuff like this in Apple notes so I can get it anywhere.
  3. I’ve enjoyed preaching the past few weeks. It’s never been onerous, but the past few weeks I’ve allowed myself to have fun and it has been refreshing.
  4. Am I really going to a convention this weekend? It’s a lot of people.
  5. The Eagles are 10-1. This boggles my mind.
  6. There will be a second One Shot Day in February.
  7. The only proof I need that humans are connected is the number of text from multiple people I will get in succession. My devices could be quite for hours then explode with five different conversations in thirty seconds.
  8. I love learning, I do not do well with information overloads. A lot of contemporary trends in introductions and social interactions are top-heavy with information and tends to cause my brain to short circuit while it attempts to figure out which bits are relevant in a given moment. This leaves me wanting to find a corner in which to hide 1.
  9. Given my internal reaction to social situations 2, I remain convinced that me being a pastor is a joke Jesus played on the church which has yet to be figured out.
  10. I deactivated my personal twitter account this week. It was the last social media account using “wezlo” as the screen name, and it felt weird to let it go, but twitter’s getting rather ugly 3.

  1. This is also why I have serious trouble with groups where people “share a few thoughts” and prayer circles. Shudder
  2. Outright panic and high energy expenditure to keep me from hiding, which leads to exhaustion. 
  3. My blog posts still have “wezlo” as the by-line, though.