Random Thoughts #151

It’s a day early, but I’m waiting for a bagel to toast and I’m thinking of stuff and it dawns on my I’m demonstrating my point. These are random thoughts, and there are lots of footnotes.

  1. It has dawned on me that Christmas in this culture is not a religious holiday, I’m not sure why this took so long 1. Like, it’s not even split between religious folks and non-religious folks. For the bulk of this culture it’s just not a religious celebration.
  2. As of this post my YouTube Channel has made $3.14 2.
  3. Since I’m not going to do more than a short meditation on Christmas Day during our breakfast worship, this coming Sunday is my last full-fledged sermon for 2022.
  4. The SAD is hitting early this year, not a great thing as my psyche is still trying to process the stress of the pandemic and family health issues over the last two years.
  5. The Eagles. Wow. As a lifetime Philly sports fan this feels weird.
  6. I’m running my 5e table through the one shot adventure I created for EZd6. One player couldn’t make the first session 3 but five minutes in to the second session he asked, “Wait, are we in another holiday special? 4
  7. When I receive invitations to do something on zoom I’m filled with dread 5.
  8. I can’t so small things very well any more, but big stuff I can seem to do just fine. I feel this is probably typical post-trauma behavior.
  9. I’m rather thankful for my friends. They make a huge difference in my life.
  10. There are many seasons where I feel like a vocational failure. It amazes me how the smallest evidence that this might not be true can be so powerful.

  1. It also has dawned on me, given the way some Churches are freaking out about Christmas being on a Sunday, that a lot of Churches may not practice Christianity.
  2. Please like, subscribe, watch, and comment! I think I may be under contract to communicate this now.
  3. Of a one shot, this group enjoys to taking their time.
  4. Yes, they are.
  5. I feel my blood pressure rise just thinking about zoom.