Random Thoughts #152

A special Friday random thoughts, because my brain was Swiss Cheese on Wednesday. This is what’s leaking out of my cognitive center at the moment, these are random thoughts.

  1. I was not a good week for multiple plagues to hit our household. So, of course, they did.
  2. I’m really glad I worked ahead last week, wow 1.
  3. I’m looking forward to Monday.
  4. Pink eye is no fun.
  5. 13 and 1??? Wow.
  6. My YouTube channel is making a little under a dollar a day, which is not bad for a channel my size.
  7. I need to make some tee-shirts to sell.
  8. My Patreon income is paying for my web hosting for DMTales.com. Thanks patrons!
  9. I ran two fun RPG sessions this week, that was my mental vacation from plague house.
  10. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are good to go, yay.
  1. I’m also glad we’ve given up printing bulletins. Because that would have caused a melt-down, I’m sure.