DM Tales (ep. 4) — Factions and Deities


For the past two weeks I’ve alluded to the mythology of my homebrew World of Frosden campaign setting. This week, I start unpacking it a bit more. I wanted to cover factions, political divisions, and deities all in one shot–but the video was getting long so I decided to split it in two. This week’s episode covers Factions and Deities, and next week’s will cover the political divisions on the continent 1. I did try to make the content in this video “spoiler free” for my current players, so what’s presented here can be considered “common knowledge” for the most part 2.

I hope sharing this world might spark the creative impulses of other folks, so their daydreams can be poured out for others to enjoy.

  1. Though this is out of chronological order. I only worked on establishing a pantheon after I wrote the history of the kingdoms. 
  2. The players have traveled a bit more, so they’ve probably picked up on more than the average townsfolk.