Random Thoughts #76

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to subject readers to the shallow rapids which rush through my brain. This is random thoughts.

Leadership Insights

Over the years, both in positions of leadership and as a follower, I’ve gained some insights on the nature of leadership.

The Marauders Strike Again

Last Friday I recounted the story of how the Bearfoot Marauders came together as a party. Last night we had our second session… and things were interesting. The party marched back to town 1 and made their way back to The Drunken Fish just as darkness was setting in. The party was greeted as people of significant, and Finwhat muttered, “OK, we are not telling them we only hit a toe.” Gibeon, who had been brought down to two hit points in their bear encounter, entered the main room and was treated with something he wasn’t used to—respect. The dwarf was not, however, able to enjoy this respect because he was in shock 2. While people patted him on the back, Gibeon just stared off into space.

Random Thoughts #75

Today is the day I subject my readers to my ray of confusion. These are random thoughts!

Basic Fantasy Begins

Last night my party began their Basic Fantasy RPG adventure. This is going to be a lot of fun.