Going Defishing

I didn’t want to pursue a non-iPad solution to defishing photos, but Fisheye Hemi is just that good.


We had another unseasonably warm day in the Delaware Valley, so I took the opportunity to take my new fisheye lens down to the river to put it through some paces.

Going Fishy

Yesterday my neighbor, and fellow “shutter-hubby,” gave me an early birthday present – a Meke 6.5 mm f/2.0 fisheye lens.

Night Sky

This week I watched a tutorial which re-sparked my interest in capturing photos of the night sky. Tonight I headed out to see what I could capture.


We had a lunar eclipse! I have photos…

Oh The Cuteness

So my wife and I are in our forties, and we have a child under the age of one 1. It’s an adventure have one child in college and another in diapers, but this kid is cute as all get out. Here’s a shot from his first Christmas, which is one of the first photographs…