Hello 2013

The last several years as December has drawn to a close I’ve taken time to reflect on the year past. As I prepared to sit down this year and write my 2012 reflection, however, I drew a blank. Instead, I began to think about my hopes for 2013. So now I write to you my goals for 2013.


I continue to have a couple of writing projects in progress. I’d like to get these completed, and add one more project to the list.

First, I would like to finish Idea Painting and get it published in the major eBook outlets, and also have an enhanced version for the iBooks store. The bulk of the material is completed, but I’d like to add more depth to the opening section, which means I will have to do some significant research. I’m beginning to compile a list of books to read, in 2013 I will get to it!

Second, I would like to finish my novel, In the Land of the Penny Gnomes, before NaNoWriMo next Autumn. I didn’t get to write much as 2012 came to a close due to my own mental weariness, but I’m beginning to feel refreshed and I’d like to get back to it! I don’t care if it is only ever read by my friends and family, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

Third, I’d like to write a new devotional study for Central Baptist to journey through in the fall. In the past I’ve written studies on evangelism, pilgrimage, hospitality, and the Holy Spirit. I’m not sure where to go next, but as I sit here the notion of “calling” is popping into my head. We shall see!

Geek Goals

I have four geek goals for 2013.

First, Central has purchased FileMaker Pro so we can create a good membership database. I have our data in, but I need to create reports and queries and layout. This will take time, and I’ll need to learn FileMaker’s scripting language to do it well. I haven’t been this excited for a project like this in a while, hopefully it turns out well!

Second, I want 2013 to be the year ABCNJ gets its video studio up and running. This will require work, funding, and much learning. It’s my hope a video studio, with several live shows along with recorded news and interviews, will help ABCNJ to strengthen its sense of kinship.

My third goal is to work with the ABCNJ staff to better equip them to use the regional tech tools. Being part-time can be frustrating, I see holes which I can’t properly address due too sheer lack of time. This year we will try to remedy that.

Finally, now that my kids are both hitting adolescence, as are their friends, I feel the time is right to work on a project I’ve pondered for years – an internet safety seminar. My wife has been incredible working with our daughter as she learns the freedom of having a phone, and it has inspired me. The lessons we’ve learned in our home, along with my technological understanding, are a valuable combination. I’ve already written a rough outline, by spring I’d like to have it put together. If this can be a skillshare class, so much the better.

Pastoral Goal

I have one main pastoral goal this year, finish our transition! Our transition team has done admirable work, it’s now time to put it to use and let the Holy Spirit use it to take us toward our next journey as a congregation.


These goals, along with my normal work of pastoral care (preaching, visiting, praying, teaching) and ABCNJ’s normal rhythm (Annual Session approaches), should keep me vocationally busy for 2013! As always, however, family comes first. With all my lofty goals, being a decent husband and father trumps my other goals (I have no illusions about being good at either role, I just try to do my best and not screw my family up too much in the process).