A Celebration

Rev. Vernl Mattson at his retirement partyYesterday I attended a retirement party for someone who has been my “partner in crime” with ABCNJ – Rev. Vernl Mattson. It’s been nice having a fellow geek up in the region office, especially since I’m not able to be there every day. Vernl covered many of the tech support calls I could never get to, and even designed our region’s database applications.

He’s retiring at the end of December, and I will miss having him down the hall. Partly because I have a feeling I’ll be getting more messages on my “off days,” but mostly because he’s just been a joy to work with.

Congratulations Vernl! I hope you find new joys in your retirement.

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  1. May you find new direction in your retirement, there is no word such as retirement for a person like you, Vani matts on.

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