My Happy Place

As Christmas nears, and my schedule relentlessly attacks my soul, I find myself being dreadfully tired. I’m much due for a break, and one is coming, but there’s still a lot left to be done before I can rest.

So, as weariness creeps in, I find myself going to my happy place. I love Williamsburg for the history, but also for the slower pace of the historic area. When I am there, strolling is allowed, and I can simply be.

A house and gate in Williamsburg, VA

6 Thoughts

  1. Please refresh your self before you burn out and miss the Joy of life with family and friends.

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  2. I can tell by your short post, you are very, very low on energy. Go and get refilled. I am praying for now

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    1. Thanks miss Peg. I have longer posts in various stages of completion, but my schedule is working against me.

    1. I’d say the insanity of the holiday season is my enemy. I hate “busy” and there is no escaping it in December.

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