Winter is Coming

I have to confess, I used the “winter is coming” idea even though I haven’t read Game of Thrones 1. I’m sorry.

But Winter is, indeed, coming. In fact, it’s about to smack the Philly area upside the head in the form of a rather angry Nor’easter. The local forecasts are all calling for a foot or more of snow in South Jersey. Even if the snowfall total turns out to be a dud 2, a Nor’easter’s winds aren’t anything you want to ignore. These can be nasty storms.

In the Philly area, the threat of snow triggers some instinctual desire to head to the local supermarket bread bread, milk, and water 3. The call of this instinct cannot be denied, at times it seems as through entire population centers descend on the local supermarkets en masse. Even I was drawn to the market today 4, where I seemed to spot people I know in every aisle.

Everyone in the store had bread and/or milk. I really am not making this impulse up. I mean, there’s even a youtube video poking fun at this regional character trait.

What causes this bizarre behavior? No one knows. We just know we must get the bread and milk, and so resign ourselves to 45 minutes of misery standing in line at the grocery store.

It’s going to snow.

  1. Why haven’t I read game of thrones? I honestly don’t know. I guess there’s just too much good stuff out there to read. 
  2. Over the past couple of years over-hyped snow-fall predictions have translated into a real world total of a couple of inches in the Philly area. But eventually they’ll have to call a snowpocalypse correctly again. 
  3. In NJ wine is frequently added to the list. 
  4. We went in for corn chips for the chili we had prepped for dinner, but ended up walking down every aisle anyway. And, because it is a legal obligation for every Philly area resident, we did pick up some milk. I’ll probably feel weird tomorrow and return for the bread and water. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Get your camera ready . Some wonderful sights are coming.

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