The Meme Meme

I’ve deleted Facebook from my iPad and iPhone again. I find the site ugly. Not aesthetically but culturally. It’s no longer a stream of people lives, which was creepy but cool. Instead, it’s become a stagnant pool of our culture’s fear, bitterness, and paranoia. “Facts,” often without even the least amount of verification, are spread into the echo-chamber. These often take the form of memes which objectify “the other” as a less-than-human enemy. In fact, memes do such a brilliant job spreading “facts” their contents become fuel for the fires of both the “agree” and “disagree” camps.

I find the whole sorry affair rather sickening. People who I know are generally kind, well-meaning, and compassionate take to a “place” like Facebook and become rabid true believers who feel completely justified in treating their opponents as things.

So I’ve spent some time in the local department of irony 1 and come up with my own meme about memes. Enjoy.

Memes - Because objectifying one's enemies is easier than actual creativity or thought


I am by no means telling people not to share opinions or thoughts or arguments for their beliefs. Any society which claims to be “free” needs people to engage in these things. I’ve come to believe, however, memes are not fuel for constructive debate – they are incendiary devices which can only burn down the very framework on which constructive debate depends.

  1. My brain. Irony is the last refuge of sanity for a sensitive Gen-Xer. 

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  1. Bodhi says:

    I found a picture of Hagrid with the word “agreed” pasted over the top, but i couldn’t post it as a comment. What i find culturally ugly about the Facebook platform is how it homogenises everyone’s content into little blue-and-white boxes. (Memes do this as well, naturally, being memes.) You used to be able to add creative/silly stuff to your profile, but now you have to choose what is already ordained by the drop-down boxes. I try to rectify the meme problem by following uplifting pages, so that at least the memes are inspiring. I don’t really go to Facebook for people’s lives anymore – i go there for ideas and inspiration … it all depends on who/what you’re following.

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