All Dressed Up

Thursday I was invited to have lunch with the head of our denomination 1, so I dropped of our car at my wife’s work so she’d be able to get home after work 2. From there I walking to catch a train up to Bordentown, where my friend would pick me up to drive us over to his office 3.

It turns out there are days when I should just not be allowed out in public.

Dropping the car off went well. I found a spot and sent my wife a text telling her where it was. I then went over to the passenger side and began to deposit some items into my computer bag in preparation for the rest of the trip. It was at that point I noticed I was not wearing khaki pants with an electric blue shirt, brown belt, and brown hiking boots 4. I was, in fact wearing grey pants which clashed with every other part of my attire.

I looked like some toddler had gotten loose in my closet and pulled out random articles of clothing.

I wish I could say I’d been rushed, hadn’t had coffee, or suffered from temporary color-blindness. But the truth is I just wasn’t paying attention. My brain was off exploring whatever internal shores it likes to explore. As a result I looked like someone who had once heard about clothing coordination, but never really understood the concept. These things happen 5.

A bit embarrassed, I drove home to get changed at which point I called Central’s church secretary and asked her to follow me over to drop my car off and get me to the light rail station in time to make my train 6. It’s nice to have community connections which can help us overcome even the issues we create for ourselves.

  1. It’s not as big a deal as it might sound. He’s my former boss, a good friend, and we both find dignitarianism humorous. 
  2. My wife doesn’t like to ask for rides, it’s part of her personality. 
  3. I don’t have a problem asking for rides. 
  4. It was supposed to be raining later that day, so I went for the “business rugged” footwear look. 
  5. At least, they do to me
  6. Again, I have no problem asking for rides. 

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    That first cup of coffee is very important in fact it’S necessary

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