What A Lovey Web You Weave


I took Bump on a walk this morning. I neglected to change my battery before I departed, which left my charge very low after using my camera to stream worship Sunday morning. This turned out to be a good thing in two ways.

First, it caused me to treat the walk as if I was carrying a film camera. If something caught my eye I had to ask myself, “Is this something I want to use my limited resources on?” It changed the way I approached my photos, and I rather enjoyed it!

Second, because I wasn’t stopping to photograph every semi-interesting sight, it kept Bump moving more often than not. A moving Bump is a happy Bump! He got a great nap in today, and I was rewarded with lots of smiles and happiness 1.

This image below was one of the photos I knew I needed to capture. The stonework has such great detail, and the spider web is beautiful. This was a photo I would have never attempted with my Nikon, as I am terrible at eyeballing manual focus. On the G7, however, focus peaking makes framing images like this a lot easier!

A spider web attached to some stonework
Panasonic G7 with14-42 mm lens • 42 mm• ISO 400 • ƒ/7.1 • 1/125 sec

  1. Except when he realized it wasn’t Mama who was feeding him. He was not pleased for a good while.