Down By The Riverside


On Saturday the Palmyra Improvement Association held its second river clean up day. I was unable to attend the last one, and thought it might be good to go down and capture some video to promote both the work and the group.

Organizations like the PIA are an important fabric of our society. Too often, in many avenues of life, people tend to get complacent – leaving work to “the people who get paid for it.” For many things, that’s fine, but the work to keep communities vibrant and healthy can’t be left to the folks who are hired to do a job. Keeping a community vibrant is everyone’s responsibility. After all, we live in our communities so helping them be healthy cannot be “somebody else’s problem.”

This is why the Palmyra Improvement Association exists, to help Palmyra grow, be healthy, and help the folks who live here to have pride in the town’s unique makeup.



  1. Great to see so many hands at work!

    1. wezlo says:

      It is cool to have that organization in town.

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