Random Thoughts #62


Let us enter a world without rhyme or reason. A land of endless Wednesdays. It’s, the random thoughts zone.

  1. This day last year I was supposed to be waking up and preparing to see my first-ever Spring Training game. Alas, it was not to be.
  2. There are times when I’ve got a nice ambush set up for my players, who then decide to bushwhack and take another path home.
  3. Table Top Role Playing Game Twitter is most un-twitterish. It’s kinda nice.
  4. I’m seeing more and more friends announce either getting their shots or appointments to receive the vaccine. My response is always, “Yay!”
  5. March is weird. Last Thursday I was at a coffee shop outside, wishing I’d worn flip-flops. Monday I was bundled up again.
  6. I’m very proud of my wife for brainstorming ways to make split live/remote schooling workable.
  7. For someone who is “joining adverse,” I have a strange tendency to migrate toward the center of any group I’m part of 1.
  8. I need to create a massive roll-table for pockets. I’m looking forward to this.
  9. It might take a while to recover, but post-pandemic I’m looking forward to getting my brain back.
  10. Dear Fox News… GenX, the generation literally left off the generations list, will not put an end to “cancel culture.” We’ve been cancelled or forgotten all our lives, and we love irony.

  1. Come to think of it, that may be why I’m joining adverse.