Random Thoughts #67


Wednesday offers you, the reader, a shallow dive into the odd shallows of the zoned out waters of what my family referred to as “Wes world” when I was a kid. This is random thoughts, and you have been warned.

  1. Yesterday I had lunch with two friends. We’re all vaccinated and did things like offer handshakes. It felt… normal.
  2. The Monday Murder Hobos bought a house during their session this week. That was interesting.
  3. The Phillies have the same cruddy bullpen as last year. Different names, same results. Sigh.
  4. I’m having lunch with some friends next Tuesday, as well. I think I might cry.
  5. I’m hoping at some point I’ll be able to actually get away for a real break. I don’t even like to travel, but a year of “staycations” is not doing wonders for my psyche.
  6. The Monday Murder Hobos met a Firbolg druid this week, who just started following the party around. Thanks for joining the fun, Walter.
  7. This item will have a footnote 1.
  8. Pelican’s shaved ice, in Rancocas Woods, is delicious.
  9. I picked up Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game last week. It’s simple and clean, and brutal about healing up. I may try to run a one shot of this at some point.
  10. Due to a prank my wife played around 18 years ago, my daughter jokes that my middle name is “Fudrucker.” She has taught this to Bump, who loves blurting it out on command to get his sister to laugh.

  1. Because if I don’t have at least one item with a footnote in my random thoughts a particular reader is disappointed.