Random Thoughts #71


I’m a little late to the party today, but I have managed to return for another deep dive into the shallows of my mind. It’s time for random thoughts.

  1. I had two in person visits with folks this week, and a late breakfast. It’s nice to reconnect with folks.
  2. The Flyers had the worst defensive corps I’ve ever seen.
  3. I hate puzzles and brain-teasers, but I love figuring out how things work. I am just weird that way 1.
  4. I’ve not made a secret that this past year has been crushing. When school is out I will need some serious time off. That is, actual time off when I’m not still here.
  5. Bump is pretty amazing.
  6. 12-15 years olds are cleared for the Pfizer vaccine. This makes me very glad.
  7. Every member of the GOP should be forced to sit down and watch Babylon 5 while standing in front of a mirror.
  8. We had a robin’s nest in one of the hanging plants on our back porch. That was pretty cool.
  9. This week my mom told me, “Lot’s of people will explain things 2 to me, but you can teach me and it makes me feel like I understand it.” That made me rather happy.
  10. I got to make a DM Tales video, and edited it on my iPad for a change of pace. It was good to do that again after a couple of weeks off.
  11. Please, get vaccinated.

  1. As well as many more ways. 
  2. Specifically, technology things.