Random Thoughts #75


Today is the day I subject my readers to a ray of confusion. These are random thoughts!

  1. For fourteen months my family never got sick as we hunkered down against CoVid-19. Last week, a cold blew threw and it was not enjoyable.
  2. I’m a fan of Jon Stewart, but I was not pleased with his take on CoVid-19’s origin on Colbert the other night.
  3. One of my DM Tales YouTube videos has gotten picked up by the old school play style folks, so it’s showing modest views. This makes me rather happy 1.
  4. Just finished episode two of Loki. The MCU should not be possible, but it is being pulled of in ways that boggle my mind.
  5. My mental energy level to make decisions is at record low levels. I can ramp up for a bit to keep things functioning, but then I just crash. This year has taken its toll 2.
  6. There were over twenty people at outdoor worship on Sunday. I almost cried.
  7. Impostor syndrome is a real thing. I tend to turn into the skid and surf it, but some times it easier than others 3.
  8. Just got a DMCA takedown notice to Central’s web-page. With a link to download a “proof file.” No thanks 4.
  9. Ugh, scammers put me in a terrible mood.
  10. I kinda wish I’d dived back into Table Top Role Playing games a lot sooner. I can’t do miniatures the way a lot of people obsess over them, and I like a digital table for my encounter maps 5, but the hobby is a wonderful outlet 6.

  1. I’ve found the two things which ping the most are anything about maps and Old School game play talk.  ↩

  2. But I’m finding some in writing again, so that’s fun.  ↩

  3. I do find it hysterical that folks listen to anything I say. I mean, I know me. I’m a doofus.  ↩

  4. Every photo on the website was either taken by me or downloaded from Squarespace’s free stock photo access.  ↩

  5. I hate clutter and if I took out templates to measure spells I’d end up knocking everything over. The more careful I try to be, the more spastic I get.  ↩

  6. Now I just need to work on creating the spiritual journey campaign I’ve been musing. The concept of role playing as discipleship fascinates me, but I want to work on the skillset a bit more first.  ↩