Random Thoughts #92


Come, be distracted inside my swirling brain. These are random thoughts 1.

  1. LMH class of #92. That school was a life-saver.
  2. No game Monday night, but my Thursday night table moved to Tuesday this week so the Eagles could torture us.
  3. I’ve considered setting something up for folks who might be intnerested supporting DM Tales, but I have no clue what the subscriber rewards would be. It would be nice to have a bit of cash to pick up review copies, though.
  4. Clouds, low humidity, a breeze, and temps in the 60’s. This is my happy place, now gimme a frost to kill the allergies.
  5. It’s October and we’re beginning to plan for Christmas. So…time has a meaning again?
  6. On a scale of 1-10 my current stress level is 3047.
  7. I’m watching more and more people do things like run red lights, blow their horns at funeral processions, and refuse to clean up after their dogs. These are small things. But to these things I add threatening school boards, refusing to accept election results, and embracing lies as a strategy for victory. I don’t think people understand the fragility of the social compact on which society depends. Folks seem to be in a hurry to dump it, but everyone is also certain that dumping it will not disrupt Amazon or Netflix. It is an alarming time.
  8. The phrase “I’m not anti-vax but…” is the calling card of the willfully stubborn and ignorant.
  9. Philadelphia sports is cursed.
  10. Technical glitches have messed up my worship set up the last two weeks. Technical glitches annoy me.

  1. Obligatory footnote for LaRosa.