Random Thoughts #93


On Wednesdays I welcome readers to an invigorating mountain biking trip in front of the eternal rock slide that is my mind. These are random thoughts.

  1. DM Tales now has over 300 subscribers, and I haven’t said, “Be sure to like and subscribe” even one time 1.
  2. Monday was my first day off without Bump in the house since he was born. The alone time was needed, but it was also weird.
  3. French Press coffee is delicious.
  4. Oh good grief, Ben Simmons.
  5. The Monday Murder hobos got to meet an NPC I created months ago to help explain one of their side trips. Random encounters are amazing.
  6. Two things these few months have shown me are the number of friends I have and how fortunate I am to be part of Central Baptist Church.
  7. I got sent a physical copy of a thing to review. It’s a small thing, just a randomizing mechanic and a special 20-sided die, but it’s still cool.
  8. I dislike both traffic and driving.
  9. I’m working on multi-level maps for my two Tabletop RPG groups. I’m not ready to roll them out just yet, as I’m still learning the interface, but when I’m ready it’ll be cool.
  10. I had a few paths the Monday Murder Hobos could have taken this week. I think they took the one that will be the most fun, so that’s cool.
  11. If I had a super power, I’d want to have flight 2.

  1. I think I’m saving that for when I hit 500 subscribers. 

  2. See random thought #7.