Random Thoughts #94


Wednesdays is a “little of this, little of that.” Taste the hacked-together marinara that are my random thoughts.

  1. Migraines suck.
  2. Can a World Series end in a tie? I’d really like this world series to end in a tie.
  3. The Eagles are so terrible at this point I’m almost willing to believe its deliberate.
  4. No D&D Monday, so I learned a new thing. I believe will enjoy using this new thing quite a bit.
  5. Looking for a player for the Thursday night Basic Fantasy group, as our thief will be dropping out.
  6. If he sees this, my friend Scott will send me angry messages about not using the word “gravy” in the introduction.
  7. So it turns out members of the GOP, a party which tried to sandbag an investigation into an insurrection, helped plan January 6. I’m shocked. Really, shocked, who could have seen this coming 1?
  8. If I hear another person in the Eagles’ organization champion how “we don’t give up big plays” I may need to bite through a cast iron rod. I mean, great. But they aren’t stopping anything else.
  9. I had a pastoral visit cancelled yesterday, so I scheduled another one and got to have lunch with a good friend. Sometimes pastoring is like that.
  10. I hate the word “successful” because the definitions are often based on things which are the antithesis of my faith–more money, bigger church, endless programs, and power obtained. By all those definitions I’m a “failure,” so this could be sour grapes, but I also know folks whose faith has be buoyed 2 because I’ve walked with them. To me, that’s the only “success” that matters.
  11. I’m starting to get a number of review copies offered to me for my YouTube channel. This pleases me because the feedback I’ve gotten from authors, even when I’ve been critical, has been, “Thank you for the honest and fair review.” It means something to me when people trust their creations with me, knowing that I will be fair when I handle it.

  1. Oh, that’s right, anyone with a brain who is not part of the cult. 

  2. I never spell buoy correct on the first try, ever.