Random Thoughts #99


It’s the “Holiday Season” and my brain is already spiraling into a stressed-out ball of goo. These are random thoughts.

  1. Thanksgiving is an exhausting holiday. There’s so much crammed into four days that there’s no time to decompress, and we don’t even have a racist uncle at the table.
  2. Omicron. I just can’t even.
  3. The Eagles were not a good way to end Thanksgiving weekend.
  4. I’m INTJ, so deep in my psyche I’m not a nice person 1. My personality tends to notice how folks posture in an attempt to cover up their insecurities. Whatever ideology people express, what I’ve found is “true believers” are often nothing of the sort.
  5. No game on Thanksgiving or this past Monday, and each table is in the middle of some cool stuff. I’m getting twitchy.
  6. Raked leaves on Monday, and my body said, “Ow.” I did the back yard yesterday, and today I’ll help folks clear the church lot. That’s a lot of “ow.”
  7. A nice person on a discord server wrote me a macro which will help me configure scenes better for the Bearfoot Marauders. I press a button and all the selected tokens have their hit points rolled. This is going to be killer for random encounters.
  8. The current church season is Advent, not Christmas. It would be really nice is the people carrying around the “Jesus is the reason for the season” bags would know what season it is. Also, “Happy Chanukah” to my Jewish friends!
  9. In case anyone is wondering. Yes, I have met people who are nice, but are not kind. That is a real thing, and folks like that creep me out.
  10. I’ve stopped using the word, “successful.” It’s great for a game mechanic, one rolls a successful saving throw, but as a life goal it’s toxic. I have, for the most part, begun encouraging people toward “accomplishments.” It’s an imperfect replacement, and you can interpret it in a way that is every bit as toxic, but I find it easier to rate a personal “accomplishment” on my own internal scale 2. What would you use as a replacement for “success?”

  1. I endeavor to be kind. Nice is a fraudulent waste of time. 

  2. Which is ranked based on a question, “Did anyone change for the better because of what I attempted?”