Random Thoughts #115


On Wednesdays I share with the world the sighs of my mental torment. These are random thoughts.

  1. Current stress level is 6253487867.
  2. I wanted to do some visits with folks in different care facilities this week. I was looking forward to it. So of course all three kids got sick and I don’t feel well 1.
  3. I am not shocked that this is the year the Phillies went over the luxury tax. Philly fans don’t have time for billionaires who’d rather shut down their league than loose some relative pennies. If they hadn’t, fans would probably not have come back this season.
  4. This past Monday I jettisoned my instincts for a “balanced” encounter in D&D 5th Edition and threw some overpowering force at the party. The result, two out of fiveplayers took damage—though one was hurt pretty bad. At least there was some tension, which is all I want for combat.
  5. I hereby declare, “It’s sweatpants week and I don’t care.”
  6. Season 3 of Picard is growing on me, but it’s not there yet. Discovery ended, OK. But you can tell the writers don’t know what to do with these characters when most of the character development for them takes place in the closing monologue 2.
  7. Does anyone wonder if MLB is terrified that they were locked out for months, spring training didn’t start on time, the season is pushed back, and for the entirety of the lock out it was pretty much treated as a “whatever” story by the press?
  8. Most of these thoughts are long, so this one is short.
  9. I can write ok, and teach ok, and preach ok. Get me in a one on one conversation with someone I don’t know well and I feel like a buffoon.
  10. I wonder if the Halo series is going to be any good.
  11. The Netflix Marvel shows are now on Disney+. I suppose it’s time for me to finish Daredevil season 3.

  1. CoVid tests were negative, so there’s that. 

  2. Also, I dislike closing monologues for TV shows in general. In a series finale it’s ok, but for a season it just feels like the time would be best spent in other ways.