Random Thoughts #116


It’s Wednesday, my brain is leaking and so my readers get to see the random information that drips out. These are random thoughts.

  1. I got to run a session for my mini-campaign last night. It’s got only two sessions left to finish the run, so we’re moving a lot of the in-between session stuff to online chat. This’ll be fun.
  2. I was sick all last week. I did manage to write a sermon and, much to my shock, was recovered enough to preach it. I think it was in English.
  3. Got to visit someone today for a bit. There was laughter and that was nice.
  4. I still need to back Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter 1.
  5. Lot’s of fun role-playing with the 5e table on Monday. At points I said, “Don’t bother rolling” because the ideas made sense and the results were obvious. That’s one thing I like older editions more than 5e, though I had to learn this. There’s very few “checks” in older style play. There’s just, I want to do this. If it sounds cool, and the player isn’t describing something stupid hard, the GM can just say, “Sweet! OK, here’s what happens.” Dice are fun, but they can also get in the way.
  6. Tried working in my office today without bumping up the heat, figuring walking would be enough warmth. I lasted an hour before I gave up and came home. It was chilly.
  7. I made a character sheet for Basic Fantasy RPG, I think it’s nice.
  8. Last night I role played a situation that wasn’t too far out of my personal realm of experience since one of the characters is a cleric and she went right in to help folks facing some difficult situations. It was an interesting interaction, and I think I pulled it off, but one of those was enough.
  9. Spent an hour reading a book for a pre-marital counseling session tonight. That was time well spent.
  10. Moon Knight was amazing. Also, how is it March 30th already?

  1. I’m always hesitant to back something that won’t see the light of day for a year, but in Sanderson’s case I’m probably safe.  ↩