Random Thoughts #117


On Wednesdays I subject the world to the turmoil that is my mind. Bwahahaha, this is random thoughts.

  1. I kinda like what’s been going on around here the last few years. I now have two coffee shops, a nice breakfast place, an excellent pizza shop, two brilliant mexican restaurants, and fun things in the Summer. And I can walk to all these things 1.
  2. I do not understand light roast coffee.
  3. No game for me last night, two players opted out right at start time. Bummed, but it let me set up the final goal a bit better. This’ll be fun.
  4. I have made my Monday Dungeons & Dragons campaign utterly paranoid, and I’m loving every minute of it.
  5. If a place serves L&M Donuts, then you purchase an L&M Donut.
  6. The journey of the past year has been very difficult, probably because it’s stacking with the struggles of an ongoing pandemic. I would love to make the world stop for a time and just rest.
  7. We have no Summer vacation plans this year as of yet. Things are just still to messed up and our situation is uncertain.
  8. At some point I’m going to have to run a one shot of Basic Fantasy RPG in person. Maps will be projected on a screen, but dice will be real 2. Anyone wanna play?
  9. I enjoy the Central Baptist Church of Riverton-Palmyra very much, and I wish I could invite all the misfit Christians I meet on the internet to come here and be free to be odd with this group of oddballs.
  10. I went to an ordination council last Saturday. That was fun, and it was nice to see some folks I’ve not seen in two years.
  11. I love learning things. Its both exhilarating to have my eyes opened, and humbling to recognize my own limitations.

  1. And there’s going to be a brewery this Summer as well. Nice.  ↩

  2. Why Basic Fantasy? First, it’s free. Second, you can roll up a character in just a couple minutes. Third, it just moves faster than the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  ↩