Random Thoughts #124

It’s Wednesday, right now my thoughts aren’t so random, but I’ll try anyway.

  1. The “good guy with a gun” myth is bullshit 1.
  2. Covid is no fun.
  3. I don’t like “them” language, but religious folks who mix theocratic-fascism with Christian symbols piss me off.
  4. It saddens me when people use outrage to cocoon themselves in a false sense of security, while revealing how little then understand both themselves and the world they live in.
  5. Evil often doesn’t look ugly at first glance. Most times it tries to make itself attractive and you have to listen to see the decay it spews. Unfortunately most of us don’t seem to know how to listen.
  6. How on earth did a third of our population get to the point where they confuse being an absolute jackass with “being strong?”
  7. There are many trends in our culture that I don’t quite grasp. Raging about them has not crossed my mind.
  8. “I must not give in to fear,” has become one of my mental baselines.
  9. I always see, “We shouldn’t politicize this, we need to recognize that this is a result of spiritual decay and we need to get people back into pews or nothing will change,” when a mass shooting happens. Spare me this bogus piety. Multiple families are now going to be traumatized for their rest of their lives because our government is held hostage to gun money. People who say crap like this are really just saying, “If more people were like me this wouldn’t be happening.” It’s Christian Nationalism dressed up in casual clothes, and it can go straight to hell 2.
  10. All this and I haven’t even gotten to the SBC sexual abuse report. My summary is, “These people both systemically committed and covered up sexual assault, and then shamed the victim by tell them going public would hurt evangelism.” Demonic servants can dress in suits, folks.

  1. Nope, not apologizing for the language. If you’re more worried about a word than you are about a toxic lie which keeps allowing mass murder to happen then get your priorities straight. 

  2. And it’s bogus as all get out. How many atrocities have been perpetrated against people of color by “good church goers” over the years? Or don’t those people count?