Random Thoughts #125


It’s Tuesday, but I’m feeling antsy and figured I’d post a day early. I’ve been stuck in the house for a week and my brain is leaking. These are random thoughts.

  1. I spent two years dodging Covid. Not a bad run. Grateful it was a mild case.
  2. I’m very fortunate to have the friends that I do.
  3. I had someone offer to sponsor a video on my YouTube channel last week. So that was fun 1!
  4. The first sip of coffee in the morning is a wonderful thing.
  5. In two weeks we went from having two coffee shops within walking distance to having zero coffee shops within walking distance. Thanks for everything, Jeny. And may Revive Cafe re-open soon! And for those displaced by the fire, I pray you get through this nightmare.
  6. To say I’m disgusted by the GOP is an under-statement.
  7. If you carry a gun, and all you’ve done for “training” is head to a range and shoot at paper. You aren’t “protecting” anything. So let’s just stop that nonsense.
  8. The impulse to go into a full fortress mentality is very strong. Do not go there.
  9. The Phillies are terrible.
  10. I don’t trust anyone who is so insecure in who they are and what they believe that they feel the need to plaster it on everything. Most times I think they’re either trying to convince themselves, or they’re really frightened creatures who are compelled to keep people back so they can’t actually be seen. Gun nuts who use their weapons as a stand in for their “manhood” is probably the group I trust the least 2.

  1. And I get a tee-shirt! 

  2. And Conservative Christians is second, though the overlap is rather large.