Random Thoughts #135


My Wednesday was booked solid, so this week I will unleash my non-linear brainwaves into the multiverse on Friday! These are random thoughts.

  1. Tonight I finished the map for the first dungeon my in person group will be going through. Yay 1!
  2. My Monday 5e table had chatted about getting involved in a big battle for a couple of days, so I spent a good portion of my day off trying to set it up to feel dynamic. When we got on to play they decided to go to a bar instead 2.
  3. I do get annoyed when people dump on moderates for not “taking sides 3.”
  4. I would like to see a baseball game in person again.
  5. I also get annoyed when people say, “Well both sides are equally bad 4.”
  6. I had a full schedule this week, and then life happened and now I’ll have a really full schedule next week. Life is like that.
  7. In September I’m going to begin preaching through Mark, taking breaks for Advent, Lent, Easter, and my vacation weeks. I’ll finish it, if all goes well, in January 2024.
  8. Happy Retirement, Frank!
  9. I love building worlds and doing reviews. And if I could find a way to earn some money from those things so the church didn’t have to worry about taking care of my family, I would.
  10. Long sermon last week, short sermon coming up this week.

  1. Now I just need to stock it. 

  2. In reality, it’s a wash. They got to meet the Golden Girls. 

  3. Moderates do take sides, they just don’t look like the ones people insist they choose from. 

  4. This one is tricky, because you have to take the current moment into context. My general belief is that two party system is poison, so I’m not fond of either of the major parties as entities. At present, however, there’s only one which is working to replace the republic with a fascist state. So in the current moment I will say the party investigating an insurrection is a lot less bad than the one that is trying to say it wasn’t a big deal.