Random Thoughts #136


It’s not Wednesday, but I’m still bouncing around. These are random thoughts.

  1. Today is March 900th, 2020 in the “always March 2020” calendar. We keep almost escaping it, but it’s still got its tendrils hooked around our ankles.
  2. I just turned off auto-renew for the Painfullyhopeful.me blog. Other than for random thoughts I’m not using the domain enough to justify paying the cost of renewing both the domain and the personal wordpress site.
  3. Baseball is a weird sport.
  4. How many weeks until football season?
  5. Even if it won’t have the custom domain, I’ll still be using this blog to post random thoughts, don’t worry 1!
  6. What I am considering is creating a new DM Tales site to try and work on that branding. I’ll post more written reviews of games and use it as a platform for my videos. If that pans out I’d probably start a patreon with some different levels of support 2.
  7. There is no supermarket named “Wegners.”
  8. I’m also closing my Smugmug account this coming October, since I’m focused on other things and haven’t used it in forever.
  9. By nature I am an angry person, and part of my journey in Christ has been about transforming that anger from a self-consuming cancer into a trigger for compassion 3. I see a lot of people, especially Christians, who embrace the cancerous nature of anger. And this makes me angry.
  10. I used to try “counting hours” for my pastoral work, but figured out early on the task was impossible 4. Pastoring is not a job 5, though it’s confusing because many pastors get paid to be pastors and the only frame of reference our culture has for this arrangement is the “job” nomenclature. Pastoring is a life in which the joys and burdens of a community are carried at all times—even when the pastor isn’t “doing anything.” Now, I could be lazy and never do anything except show up on Sunday morning and wing slop at people’s brains. My heart wouldn’t let me get away with that, though 6.

  1. If you were worried, that is. Otherwise, don’t sweat it.  ↩

  2. My current line of thinking is a $1-buy me a coffee, $3–early access to videos, $5–share maps and some system–agnostic sandboxes people can use to run their own games. The long term goal would be to help save the church some money so we can be a bit more free to do ministry.  ↩

  3. With a twist of snark and a celebration of the absurd. I grew up thinking the world was about to get blown up by people who had more power than sense, and life really hasn’t taught me otherwise. Also, the power structures I distrust often forget people my age exist, so how can I not celebrate absurdity?  ↩

  4. There are people who will say otherwise, but they’re often the same type of people who forget folks my age exist, so I smile at them and then walk away.  ↩

  5. But it may have a lot to do with Job.  ↩

  6. Full disclosure, for the last couple of years it’s been very hard to feel like I was an actual pastor since it felt like I needed more than I could give. It seems like I’m just now learning how to walk again.  ↩