Fall Walk

The weather broke for a bit this past weekend, giving us a taste of Fall. It’s back to being wet and humid at the moment 1, but it was nice to have some cooler temperatures for a few days. Bump and I took a walk, and the photographs I took already had that Fall feel….

Frosty Leaf

After dropping my wife off at school the other day I stopped to marvel at the first frost of the season. I clutched the ground, and was creating some marvelous patterns on the piles of fallen Autumn leaves. Thanks to the urging of a neighbor 1 I already had a lens on my camera, so…

Fall Blanket

This past Tuesday I found myself at my region’s summer camp, Baptist Camp Lebanon. I grabbed a ride with some of my fellow teammates for a staff retreat and arrived an hour early, which I didn’t mind one bit. I attached my 40 mm lens to my camera and took a walk.

Chattering Tree-Dweller

It’s been a rather odd weekend in the Philly area. The sky was shouting “Fall,” but the temperature and humidity were uttering a defiant “Summer.”

Beautiful Thing

It’s been a cruddy week. Everything I’ve tried to accomplish has been blocked by an error, glitch, or other problem. At last count I’d spent around 12 hours on the phone with various instances of technical support. As such, every productive thing I wanted to accomplish had to wait. I also had something to do…

Out of the Shadows

Over the course of the last week most of the color has departed from the trees. The yellow’s are still hanging on, I’ve noticed they tend to appear later in the season, but most of the remaining leaves have turned brown or have fallen to the ground. Such is the nature of mid-November in the…